¿Que es Android?

Android es un sistema operativo basado en Linux para dispositivos móviles como teléfonos inteligentes y Tablet PC. Está desarrollado por la Open Handset Alliance, liderada por Google y otras empresas.

Un sistema operativo es lo que entendemos un programa que gestiona varios procesos como por ejemplo windows es para ordenadores.  Antes habia varios sistemas, pero ahora la mayoria usa el mismo sistema operativo que nos permite compartir fotos, archivos y aplicaciones sin tener problemas de compatibilidad.



Why is it better a full time or part time VA?

I’m sure that at first many people considered these innovations as “crazy.” The idea of work from home with a computer and internet, had to seem incredible. I congratulate the first companies that hired a Virtual Assistant, thanks to them, the field of Virtual Assistance is growing rapidly.

1) Companies are realizing that the Virtual Assistants are all over the world. This means they have access to a range of different skills such as: language, time zone and culture.

2) The Virtual Assistant have flexible work schedules. There is even a significant cost savings for a company that hires a VA, they do not have to pay a full time employee to work part time. Also, there are no resources or extra payments to be made. They also save large amounts of money by not paying benefits to a virtual assistant. Both advantages allow companies to cut large amounts of budget for its operation.

3) Another attraction for hiring a VA is companies no longer have to rent or buy large corporate offices to house many workers. Today many companies may choose to rent office space only temporary to hold meetings, or rent a small office space for a small staff. This can save hundreds or thousands of capital from the company each year.

4) The company can save costs because is no longer required to provide or maintain large computer servers or a large number of desktop computers. Also, no longer have to spend on maintenance of these systems or upgrade the software to run the office. Most Virtual Assistants are responsible for software and equipment to operate efficiently.

5) The technology has also helped in the interview process. Today, with Skype or any video conferencing programs, people can have a virtual interview between employer and employee. Also with Skype, Vonage and other IP phone systems, the majority of Virtual Assistants can call or be called from anywhere in the world as a local call.

These are just some of the aspects of why a company should at least consider hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants are hired for a single project, a need or specialty, or as full-time member of the staff.

How to work with a Virtual assistant.


Maybe it is the first time you hire a Virtual Assistant and you do not know where to start, how to delegate, or simply how to work with a person that is not in your office, but is miles away and you only see or talk to over Skype and messenger.

The most important question you ask yourself is about TRUST. But if you hire a Virtual Assistant you must be open to new ideas and suggestions and delegate without doubt.

Therefore it is important to have a good communication with your Virtual Assistant from the very beginning. You can ask your Virtual Assistant for daily, weekly reports, and follow up on the work. On the other hand you must always give direct and understandable instructions,.

To avoid misunderstandings it is a good idea to set rules and guidelines.

Be patient and make sure that your Virtual Assistant understand your business, your needs. Spending some time to explain the work in the beginning, will save a lot of time in th end.

If you want to concentrate on other aspects of your business, and that is why you hired a Virtual Assistant, then do not be afraid to delegate and give control of some tasks that can be done by your Virtual Assistant independently.

In order to have a healthy partnership with your Virtual Assistant you must plan ahead. Keep in mind that your Virtual Assistant has other clients they work for. So ensure that you schedule your work accordingly. Keeping work for the last minute is not ideal. Ensure that you are prepared and available especially if you have a deadline to meet.

Follow these short guidelines and you will have a real good partnership with your professional Virtual Assistant. You will not even think about that you are far away if you have a good communication and you trust each other.

Have a nice work!

¿Do you have empathy?

The virtual assistant not only works for businesspeople, but is also entrepreneur self, therefore she/he knows on first hand the needs of the company to succeed and develop a thriving business.

One of the keys for being a successful entrepreneur and businessperson is the empathy for their clients. ¿Why is that? ¿What does empathy towards the customer mean?

According to Wikipedia, empathy is the ability to perceive a common context in which another individual may feel. That is, the ability to put oneself in another persons place.

For a virtual assistant who works at a distance and only communicates via the Internet, empathy is extremely important to capture the customer’s need immediately even if he/she is far away.
The VA is not there to see every gesture, but sometimes can only read the words in an email or can listen to the clients voice.

As a businessperson is important to develop the empathy ability to capture the immediate needs of the client, take the right decisions, knowing that it is just the decision the client would have taken in the interest and benefit of his own business.

Therefore the ability of the virtual assistant is a direct benefit to the employer , and even more if the virtual assistant has a costumer service the related job, with directly contact with the client’s clients.

Empathy is the key word both to develop trust and cooperation among the virtual assistant and her/his clients, and also among the employer with his customers.