El trabajo del futuro

Este video de #expertosdigitales nos hace reflexionar sobre nuestras posibilidades de trabajo ahora y para el futuro.

No hacen falta mas palabras, solo replantearse la actividad y los deseos laborales.


Be yourself and have succes

Ever thought – I want to do business, talk, etc.. like … that person, that will be fantastic. It happened to me the other day. This is what happen

I’m a fan of a Danish entrepreneur who upload daily videos of 5 minutes where he speaks about business, experiences, an idea, in short, what ever he has in mind that morning or day, and I love seeing those videos because they are inspiring, short (time is money) and also entertaining. And then I said my self :

– “I want to make videos too!” -.How difficult can it be? Every morning five minutes talk about a subject I like, sure I can do that. And of course these videos create fans, audience, etc.. etc. everything we have to do to succeed online.     Your are special

So one morning, I sat down, turned on the video and started.

– “Hello friends, today I want to start this new phase sharing videos my thoughts with you all and ….” Tick – tack …. – …. tick – tack , one second, two seconds… silence … tick tack – tick tack …. still thinking … – “and the most important thing is passion when it comes to start-up a business “! – Yikes!I manged to finish the sentence … thank goodness!

I turned off the video and said to myself, I better think a little more about this video thing and perhaps after several times, I get to do it naturally.

Days passed and I´m still, watching the videos from the Danish entrepreneur as usual every morning. And today he told the story of a man of a certain age, with a suit and tie, serious person, that was giving a lecture, normally, a bit boring, but hey nothing abnormal. Suddenly he took a turn on his speech using young people’s language, bordering the ridiculous to catch the public attention .  He did, indeed, but because people stared at him speechless thinking: What? Why is he talking like that?  The result was that in trying to be someone else, and behave in an unnatural way he managed to turn his lecture into a failure.

Where do I come up with these stories? Surely you’ve guessed it: what I mean is that, like the man at the conference, even if his talk is not the most fun in the world, he still must act as him self. And if video recording may not be my strongest point surely this will not disappoint me because hopefully there are other things I do best. But the important thing is to be yourself to succeed, is what we anyway can do best.

Be yourself

Be yourself