Tips to keep your fans on Facebook

Just open a Facebook fan page and expect everyone will put an “I like” is not the right attitude. Virtual assistant Europe

We must ask our selves why our fans have decided to follow our fan page. This may be because they are interested in our products, because they want more information about our products or want be informed about our offers. But it seems that many fans are detached after a while. Why is that?  How can we maintain the interest of our fans?

Personally I think one way is to be faithful to our style, as always, but we must also understand why the fans have clicked on the “I like”

Understand why they follow us

Having a clear understanding why they did click “I like.” If you won 10% of fans offering discounts, then keep into that line. Look at the statistics of facebook, you can have an idea of why fans are following you and who they are.

Encourage discussion among fans

Today we can all tell our opinion in social networks, so encourage your fans to speak, to exchange views and interact.

Share something unique

Many fans join Facebook company pages because they want to access exclusive information, discounts, offers, and content about special events. If your fans get what they want, they will be your best ambassadors.

Show your personality

Be true to yourself, show your personality. You are interacting with customers or potential customers and they expect you to be honest and open about your services and your brand.


Why is it better a full time or part time VA?

I’m sure that at first many people considered these innovations as “crazy.” The idea of work from home with a computer and internet, had to seem incredible. I congratulate the first companies that hired a Virtual Assistant, thanks to them, the field of Virtual Assistance is growing rapidly.

1) Companies are realizing that the Virtual Assistants are all over the world. This means they have access to a range of different skills such as: language, time zone and culture.

2) The Virtual Assistant have flexible work schedules. There is even a significant cost savings for a company that hires a VA, they do not have to pay a full time employee to work part time. Also, there are no resources or extra payments to be made. They also save large amounts of money by not paying benefits to a virtual assistant. Both advantages allow companies to cut large amounts of budget for its operation.

3) Another attraction for hiring a VA is companies no longer have to rent or buy large corporate offices to house many workers. Today many companies may choose to rent office space only temporary to hold meetings, or rent a small office space for a small staff. This can save hundreds or thousands of capital from the company each year.

4) The company can save costs because is no longer required to provide or maintain large computer servers or a large number of desktop computers. Also, no longer have to spend on maintenance of these systems or upgrade the software to run the office. Most Virtual Assistants are responsible for software and equipment to operate efficiently.

5) The technology has also helped in the interview process. Today, with Skype or any video conferencing programs, people can have a virtual interview between employer and employee. Also with Skype, Vonage and other IP phone systems, the majority of Virtual Assistants can call or be called from anywhere in the world as a local call.

These are just some of the aspects of why a company should at least consider hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants are hired for a single project, a need or specialty, or as full-time member of the staff.

Basics rules for undertake on your own.

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It certainly does not ensure future success, but significantly reduces risks and increases the possibilities our company to develop, grow and multiply in good health.

Innovative ideas that require minimal investment with own resources, rapidly deployable, fixed costs to a minimum and control of receipts and payments to generate cash … Those are the golden rules to undertake alone. Do not forget, if you want your business to grow.

Javier Escudero

In normal-read, live with a favorable economic climate and buoyant, ideally undertaken by chance. It certainly does not ensure future success, but significantly reduces risks and increases the possibilities that our company develops grow and multiply in good health.


But clearly the current situation is very different and the need to generate resources for living has forced many-there are no accurate official figures, but logic says- they need to be undertaken by, especially many who are unemployed after the companies they worked for closed or reduced staff.

And as entrepreneurs, by tradition, we are very positive and optimistic, we also support this second group of entrepreneurs. Nor is worth recalling a series of basic rules to keep in mind if you start up (always, and if you do out of necessity).

1 .- Avoid the rush.You need to generate resources to live does not mean you rush into decisions to make. Embark, yes, but with much head. Analyzes the market and seek primarily a need for cover or a complementary service that adds value to a product / service already exists.

2 .- Avoid placing a business ‘more of the same,’for sure ‘others’ have thought like you.For example, focus on emerging markets

3 .- Slowly but surely.Find a business fast and easy implementation. DO NOT MESS in philosophical ramblings about the idea and do not hesitate to whether or not it is time to undertake. Remember you have maid up your mind now and it is best to forget the doubts. Focus 100% on implementation, not in your spare time. It is now!

4 .- Minimum Investment.Unless you have inherited a fortune, think of a business that requires a minimum initial investment.

5 .- Debt zero.Undertake with own resources and if you have to ask for money make it small, a family member or a trusted friend that offers some freedom back.

6 .- and money for later.Important, do not forget to calculate how much and how to get money to keep on once the business starts to walk.

7 .- Fixed costs, to a minimum.Make accounts and more accounts and look up under rocks. Reduce fixed costs of your business to a minimum. You can outsource everything except your core business, of course. That is sacred. Focus on that and the rest can be outplaced.

8 .- Alone?Remember that you undertake alone, but that does not mean that you can not look for collaboration and partnerships in other entrepreneurs like you. Together it will be easier and cheaper. There are many ways to colaaborate. Choose the one that best suites to you.

9 .- Receipts and payments.That is the key. Control to very detail all your customers. Calculate the time between receipts and payments and try to be as close as possible. This will ensure liquidity and calm to meet the challenges that arise.

10 .- Anticipate.Take time to keep you informed of all market trends and develope plans B to help you turn when the wind shifts.

11 .- Do not isolate yourself.Do not isolate yourself in your business. Go out and meet other entrepreneurs. There are many forums for entrepreneurs, both online and face to face. Take advantage of contacts to exchange ideas and experiences and, why not share customers. This will contribute to the bigger market and business opportunities are greater for all and for you, too.


The first tip is that you undertake in a market that you know,especially not to waste time researching new ones so you have no surprises.But as there is a rule, look for opportunities everywhere. Where can you find ideas?:

In your experience, your education and your hobbies.Listen to ideas from your immediate environment. Unmet needs in general and, by default, in the market where you previously have operated or know a priori. If you know or you position youself in a sector, look at what the competition is doing to improve it, and also look at what does not. Analyze business lines that large companies have left and their feasibility studies.

Adapt ideas that work in other sectors and / or national and international markets.Study the potential opportunities that might arise from future legislative changes and / or social.
Very important: stay constantly informed (not just newspapers, but also studies and reports). Listen and watch everything being said and happening around you. And, first, do not reject any idea.

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Profitable business ideas in 2012

You want to start on your own but are not sure about your idea, is it profitable?

First you must distinguish ideas of business that are currently profitable and businesses that remain profitable in the near future because the future is imminent, is loaded with changes in what businesses and new jobs are concerned.

A business idea that is currently being developed and is having tremendous success in the U.S..It requires little investment and growth possibilities are endless, such as to go as far as your imagination and creation are able.

Virtual assistance company

The two other business ideas that have a future are based on two demanding sectors:

The senior market

Business ideas with diverse special meal services

Have you more capital to invest you can focus on businesses that are profitable right now and will be for many years. The renewable energies will go into business with more profitability and future demand. You need a good business plan and adapt to the way you want to earn income with renewable energy businesses.

Business Ideas for renewable energy

Sales of solar energy

Sales in solar farms

Keep in mind that renewable energy will also create many jobs related to that activity.On the other hand there are new business ideas in regard to services to homes and businesses.      Business Ideas with Housing services

Business Ideas related to business services

If you live in a country that regularly receives tourism, then the business related to tourism and recreation, which have numerous ideas that can be performed:

Business Ideas related to leisure and tourism