Screen sharing tools for Business owners


Many times we find ourselves in a situation where we have to explain something in writing while working because it is easier that way. Or maybe it is the opposite case, when we are learning to use a new tool and we need to see a demonstration. Today technology allows virtual assistants to successfully collaborate remotely with business owners located worldwide. Screen sharing is a great method to easily communicate because it allows you to share your desktop in real-time with others. This is ideal for an online meeting, training, demo or web conferencing.  Virtual assistant Europe

 A few days ago I was explaining to a customer how to improve his web site, but it was difficult for me to put the design into words, so we used screen sharing and within minutes I was able to show my client on the screen what I had difficulty to say with words.. Shared display is also ideal for meetings, conferences, and other demonstrations.
You have maybe already heard about screen sharing in Skype, but there are other popular tools as listed  below. Screen sharing. You need an account.

 Vyew is a free online collaboration and web conferencing service for up to 10 people. It is not a screen sharing as we use on Skype, but allows you to share content in real-time. You can upload images, files, documents and videos into a room.

 CrossLoop is a free software application for screen sharing a and remote access.

 QuickScreenShare is the simple and free way to share screens with no registration required. There is absolutely nothing to install.

 FreeScreenSharing is a free online meeting service designed for screen sharing, web conferencing,  and more. Need an account

 TeanViewer: free screen sharing and on line meetings. Need to download the application

 Personally I have used Team Viewer for screen sharing, it is very easy and fast. Maybe FreeScreenSharing is also fast and easy to use but I haven´t tried it yet. Have you? Are you using screen sharing tools?  What has been your experience? Please leave your comments below.


How to work with a Virtual assistant.


Maybe it is the first time you hire a Virtual Assistant and you do not know where to start, how to delegate, or simply how to work with a person that is not in your office, but is miles away and you only see or talk to over Skype and messenger.

The most important question you ask yourself is about TRUST. But if you hire a Virtual Assistant you must be open to new ideas and suggestions and delegate without doubt.

Therefore it is important to have a good communication with your Virtual Assistant from the very beginning. You can ask your Virtual Assistant for daily, weekly reports, and follow up on the work. On the other hand you must always give direct and understandable instructions,.

To avoid misunderstandings it is a good idea to set rules and guidelines.

Be patient and make sure that your Virtual Assistant understand your business, your needs. Spending some time to explain the work in the beginning, will save a lot of time in th end.

If you want to concentrate on other aspects of your business, and that is why you hired a Virtual Assistant, then do not be afraid to delegate and give control of some tasks that can be done by your Virtual Assistant independently.

In order to have a healthy partnership with your Virtual Assistant you must plan ahead. Keep in mind that your Virtual Assistant has other clients they work for. So ensure that you schedule your work accordingly. Keeping work for the last minute is not ideal. Ensure that you are prepared and available especially if you have a deadline to meet.

Follow these short guidelines and you will have a real good partnership with your professional Virtual Assistant. You will not even think about that you are far away if you have a good communication and you trust each other.

Have a nice work!