Reliability and innovation

We are in the middle of the knowledge economy and are fully surrounded by social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.. So which are the keys for the company so I does not become obsolete? Reliability and innovation.

It is impossible to establish a working relationship or conduct business between companies or people without trust. But if the company is jealous of its information and knowledge and does not share it then  How you can build trust? Trust requires transparency. So if we will work with another company to sell a product you can not begin hiding information. And we can not hide from people working in our company key information and areas of development. Arguing that the employee will ¿take this information to the competition? What encourages this attitude is just distrust by the employee and then he/she will actually leave the company.

If you do not want to be stuck as a company you always have to think about innovation. For this, all areas of the company must manage relevant information from customers and the market so they can make contributions, be creative and come up with ideas that benefit the operation and the company. Because as more information will contribute to more innovative proposals. Again the word transparency comes to mind.
We all know that the economic benefit is important for the company but it should not be the cause, if not the result of a well worked process. How do Scandinavian companies do? Just that, precedence values and staff welfare to economic benefit, because they know that this benefit is the result of talent, – that has not escaped – of the proposals, due to the transparency-and the goodwill generated that impact on customers.

Do not trick yourself, take advantage of the knowledge economy and let your business be present, perform and transmit the values of transparency. Your customers will thank you.