When my phone is slow and I use this trick

Have you experienced that your mobile has been slower over time? Then there is a simple technical explanation.

Over the time you use your phone, you have filled it with more apps and updates and this use space on your so-called RAM memory of the phone. Your mobile gets slower when you use lots of RAM.

Usually, a reboot can help solving many problems, but there is one trick, you certainly did not know before, to free RAM without having to reboot the phone.

The trick requires nothing more than your fingers and your phone and can be used on all iPhones:iphone6-1013238_640

Hold the on / off button until the Power Off icon appears on the screen.

Continue to hold the on / off button while you press the Home button.

Hold the buttons until the screen once again return to your home screen.

This trick helps primarily on older iOS models, whereas the newer models may not be the big difference.



What is Pinwheel?

It is  a part of a virtual assistants work to keep up with new technologies so we are able to best advise  our clients.

So every time I see a new social network or another website I like to do a little research to see if it is interesting.

Lately I’ve added several new networks that are succeeding each one with its peculiarities. The last I’ve added is Pinwheel. Pinwheel combines geolocation – content that is placed on a map – with blog, photos and contact with friends.

To register you must request an invitation and you get the link to sign up after a couple of days. Once registered the first thing we see is a huge map with a block of small photographs, which are the contacts that have added a post on the site map. Pinwheel use Google maps.

To leave a note with a photo or a comment you just have to click on Leave a note and choose where you want to show your note on the map. We can upload pictures and write sentences of varying lengths. The idea is to share information and find what other users have placed in a specific area.

I think we should see the utility that can be given later on, perhaps traders can place their ads, friends can upload photos of where they are traveling, etc..

The idea is from the creator of Flickr, Caterina Fake, an Internet entrepreneur.

What do you think about this new network?