Want to sell more?

There are some reasons why your client does not purchase your product.  Virtual assistant Europe

There are some fortunate in this country, that sell just about anything as e-books, online courses, DVD programs, workshops, and God knows what other digital products or live – products. Or at least they sell relatively well their projects or services. While others (Not you, of course, but perhaps someone you know) that just can charge a small service from time to time. Or they have to sell some courses or workshops – … say half the price?


It is not (necessarily) because your service, your costumer service workshop, or your watercolor workshop or marketing is a disaster.

Actually you can say with some certainty that this is not the reason at all, it’s not because all other products on the market are far better than yours. Your product is probably the best.

But the way of sale, which is probably missing – lets say needs 5-6 minor adjustments.

There are few specific reasons why your customers do not buy enough (or even something?) of your products (And yes, it applies to all products regardless of whether they are home furnishings, banking products or hunting buffalo in Poland).

One reason is …

The fact that your client does not understand (!) What you are offering!

Yes, it is true.

One of the reasons why your customers do not buy is because he / she can not even with the best imagination see or imagine exactly what you want to sell.

Let´s have a example: the client says:

« -No, I do not understand why I should buy that e-book called “Body and diet.” But I would like to spend my money to find out more about: 10 years younger in 10 weeks! -».

Or this other one that says:

« -No, actually I do not see the utility of paying for the online course “Finance and Accounting for Beginners”, but I will reather pay to know more about: “Help me manage my business – and incidentally save the cost of accounting“- »

Can you see the difference?

The product you sell should have a clear title so the client quick knows what it is!

A title that …:

A)Speak directly into the customer’s problem and that relates to what we offer.

B) promises a solution (direct or indirect)

C) A title that addresses the emotions

Quick Tip: Start with: HOW

Titles that begin with the word “how” are often quite surprising.

If you have a product that according to you, should sell itself do this little test.:

Submit your title to at least 3 people belonging to your group of potential customers. If they not immediately open wide their eyes (… and ask you how they can buy your product), then you can start thinking about another title.

So the next time you’re squeezing your head to find a phrase to sell your course, remember the title must promise a solution to customer problem relating to what we offer and speak to the emotions.