Sale strategies

These are simple strategies that will help you in your daily contact with your customers and prospects.

 Understand your customers. Know them.

 Offer client what best suits their needs, not what you want to sell. It is not you it is about, it is the customer.

Enjoy your work and it will reflect in your relationship with the customer. 

 Be a Professional in Your Business, helpful and knowledgeable. If you call us you will always find someone like that behind our phone.

 Be different. What makes the difference is not what you do, but how you do it. The less you differentiate from the rest, plus the price will be important, but the more you differentiate, less the price is an issue.

 Avoid confrontation in the sales process. First try to understand, then  to be understood. Learn to listen. Customers may feel offended by  your words, tone, attitude, even your appearance.

 Sell ​​effectively. Focus on the customer reasons for buying. Do not mind talking or compare with the competition. And do not sell smoke.

 Anticipate potential problems – everyone makes a mistakes- and Fix them.
Customers who have a problem that have been solved properly are more loyal than those who have not had any.

Customers have become accustomed to the indifference, apathy and rudeness when dealing with a professional, it will not be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Respect your customers when they decide to buy.

 If all have done all the steps well but now is not the time to buy, the customer will return, but remember to keep the information.

 Use empathy. Learn to hear what is not said. You are not to hear but to listen.

 Relax, it’s not a matter of life or death. Do  not worry about the result, but about what you have learned. And keep learning and practicing every day, hopefully, and with a smile.


How to work with a Virtual assistant.


Maybe it is the first time you hire a Virtual Assistant and you do not know where to start, how to delegate, or simply how to work with a person that is not in your office, but is miles away and you only see or talk to over Skype and messenger.

The most important question you ask yourself is about TRUST. But if you hire a Virtual Assistant you must be open to new ideas and suggestions and delegate without doubt.

Therefore it is important to have a good communication with your Virtual Assistant from the very beginning. You can ask your Virtual Assistant for daily, weekly reports, and follow up on the work. On the other hand you must always give direct and understandable instructions,.

To avoid misunderstandings it is a good idea to set rules and guidelines.

Be patient and make sure that your Virtual Assistant understand your business, your needs. Spending some time to explain the work in the beginning, will save a lot of time in th end.

If you want to concentrate on other aspects of your business, and that is why you hired a Virtual Assistant, then do not be afraid to delegate and give control of some tasks that can be done by your Virtual Assistant independently.

In order to have a healthy partnership with your Virtual Assistant you must plan ahead. Keep in mind that your Virtual Assistant has other clients they work for. So ensure that you schedule your work accordingly. Keeping work for the last minute is not ideal. Ensure that you are prepared and available especially if you have a deadline to meet.

Follow these short guidelines and you will have a real good partnership with your professional Virtual Assistant. You will not even think about that you are far away if you have a good communication and you trust each other.

Have a nice work!