Técnico a domicilio por control remoto

Tener un técnico profesional a domicilio por control remoto es imprescindible para ahorrar tiempo y dinero.

dibujo-de-problemas-tecnicos-con-el-ordenador_23-2147503369A veces nos encontramos en la situación, en que tenemos un problemilla con el ordenador y no tenemos a quien acudir. No tenemos mucho tiempo que perder, sobre todo si lo utilizamos para trabajar a diario, y no podemos permitirnos estar sin el PC varios días.

Si no tienes un amigo, familiar o conocido que te saque del apuro no te queda más remedio que desprenderte de tu ordenador por varios días para que te lo examine un técnico, sin saber si es solo un pequeño ajuste, que se podía haber arreglado en pocos minutos.

En estos casos siempre acudo primero a mi asesor on line. Se comunica con mi PC por controlmujer-de-negocios-feliz_23-2147536403 remoto, y en lo que canta un gallo me puede decir si se puede arreglar ahora o si es más laborioso. Por lo general es una pequeña cosilla, como por ejemplo, el otro día, que mi PC funcionaba muy lento. Había bajado un pequeño programa, pero no sabía si era la razón de la lentitud. Mi técnico personal acudió en mi auxilio, se conectó vía control remoto y en menos de media hora estaba todo solucionado, y hasta me había instalado un antivirus extra para más seguridad. ¡Que alivio! Podía seguir con mis cosas y no había perdido tiempo.

Mi técnico es un joven emprendedor que tiene un talento innato, es muy responsable y gran profesional.





Facebook has an unknown website

Everyone knows Facebook and most of you chat with your friends, colleges on daily basis. It is the world’s most popular service and close to the most visited website.

You use messenger in the past to chat and now you just open Facebook, but did you know that Facebook has a separate and almost unknown chat website? Messenger.com.

It is a supplement to the Messenger you have on your mobile or tablet. It has a simpler interface that can be more straightforward than Messenger on the Facebook site.

Messenger.com is much more user friendly than the actual Facebook.com. It is simple, streamlined and focused only on giving you a closer contact with your friends.

Your conversations will sync across the new site, Facebook.com, and the Messenger mobile apps — so you can, for instance, start a convo on your phone and pick up on the new site when you’re at your computer.






When my phone is slow and I use this trick

Have you experienced that your mobile has been slower over time? Then there is a simple technical explanation.

Over the time you use your phone, you have filled it with more apps and updates and this use space on your so-called RAM memory of the phone. Your mobile gets slower when you use lots of RAM.

Usually, a reboot can help solving many problems, but there is one trick, you certainly did not know before, to free RAM without having to reboot the phone.

The trick requires nothing more than your fingers and your phone and can be used on all iPhones:iphone6-1013238_640

Hold the on / off button until the Power Off icon appears on the screen.

Continue to hold the on / off button while you press the Home button.

Hold the buttons until the screen once again return to your home screen.

This trick helps primarily on older iOS models, whereas the newer models may not be the big difference.


What is affiliate marketing for publishers?

The first question you may ask your self is, what is affiliate marketing and how can it be good for my business?

Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising in which the advertiser only pays the publisher when there are measurable results for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

There are 3 parts involved:

The advertiser or merchant selling a product and ready to pay other people to sell and promote their business.

The publisher promotes an advertiser’s product or service in exchange for earning a commission.

The consumer that sees the product on publisher website and actually buys the product.

To connect all parts and administrate the click, sells and to set up the these functions, there are several websites you can sign in too. Or some advertisers/merchants offer their own affiliate program.


Are you new in affiliate business then is fast and easy to use available tools as www.uk.cj.com or www.sharesale.com

Although affiliate marketing maybe still be unknown to the general public, increasingly it is being used by manufacturers, looking for a cheaper way to promote their products or services, and this type of advertising, undoubtedly, is a financial outlay much lower than advertising campaigns. There are many different prices, which makes this service affordable for all budgets.

Animal welfare and business

Today another horrifying and insupportable bull “fiesta” has taken place in Spain despite the numerous detractors and last days demonstrations  all over the country and more than 600.000 signatures of people who are against.  Care2petions is only one of them.

There are of course many different opinions about this, so called, fiesta against it and approving it because it is part of a tradition that goes back to XV century.  There are many pages already written both by animal protectors and people that will keep the tradition.

But the question is:

Would you do businesses with a people or a country witch politicians approves and supports with public money and subsidies from EU only to benefit of a few  killing animals for fun? What kind of values are we dealing with? Are this the values we want for our society today? Will we be let our company, product and income be related to people witch values still belongs to the XV century?

Imagine you are Scandinavian and travel to Spain to make business. During your stay you are invited to a “show” where people kill animals for fun. What will your reaction be? Think about it. Back in your country already selling your product, suddenly your company is related to animal cruelty practice. Do you think this will benefit or harm your business? Will your Scandinavian costumers think your company values are some they can identify themselves with?

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Almost all popular sport events are sponsored by big companies that want to have their company name related to a popular sportsman or a specific sport. Many examples are out there, just look at a tennis or a football match and you will see plenty of logos. Now take a look at the arena during a bullfight and try to find a logo. Even searching on google you will today have difficulty to find a logo sponsoring animal abuse.

The question is again simple: do you think having your company associated with bullfighting and other bull “fiestas” will be a goodwill for your company´s corporate image, income and future business relations?

Or is better for your business to be related to the power of a beautiful free bull that conveys strength, courage and beauty?

images (3)









Como realizar un recorte don drop dowm menu

Facilísimo realizar un pantallazo con drop down menu.

Escoge lo que quieres recortar. Abre en Inicio – recortes, el pequeño programa de recorte en tu PC.

En teclado teclea ESC.  Verás como puedes acceder al menu o scroll que quieres que se vea en el pantallazo.

Una vez has puesto el drop dowm menu a tu gusto, teclea al mismo tiempo:


Ahora tienes la opción de realizar el recorte y tu drop – dowm no desaparece! Genial!

Ahora solo queda guardar!

Buena suerte.