Repetitive strain injurie or mouse elbow

If you experience that your arm hurts and you can´t click the mouse anymore you problable got a repetitive strain injurie.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Certain repetitive strain injuries are directly irreversible, so you do yourself a favor by treating your body properly from the start.
You do not a cure mouse elbow by buying a new mouse, new mouse pad or an exciting new touch pad. Many expert recommen some of the measure listed below. And most of them do not cost anything. 

Switching between different tools   rollermouse

Use different mouse, touchpad, keyboard, etc. Try also at times to use your mouse with the hand you do not normally use a mouse.There are some good tools like this a rollermouse 

you can add to your keyboard.   

Change posture     forkert stol

Incorporate regular daily routines, like switching between sitting down and standing up at your height-adjustable desk. If you do not have such a table, just stand up and walk around for a moment. Be sure to adjust the office chair so that you get the weight on the legs and sit with a straight back.

Take frequent short breaks

Take advantage of the breaks for relaxation and / or movement.

Make frequent stretching exercises  

Stretching exercises will help to reduce muscle tension. As a general rule, do not perform exercises that hurt. If you’ve already contracted a strain injury, can some stretching exercises be directly harmful – seek medical advice.

Release the mouse

Hold the mouse easily, and release it fully in many short periods of time, you do not use it. Do not knock hard on the keyboard. Use hotkeys. Make sure that the muscles of the arm and hand can relax.

Reduce the double-click speed  mus ikke

Decrease the double click speed of your mouse to the slowest possible.

Use hotkeys

Almost all programs that use a mouse have also key combinations that can activate the most used actions in the programs. Learn 10 of them by heart before things go wrong.

Keep arms and hands warm

Cold muscles and tendons are at greater risk for injury.

Do not use your computer unnecessarily

Avoid games (including 7 Solitaire), chat, etc.  

Live healthy

This rule is perhaps as important as the others combined. Be sure to exercise a lot and regular and balanced diet. Avoid stress in your workplace and at home. Then there’s more to that you get a mouse elbow, and less to get rid of it.



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