¿Do you have empathy?

The virtual assistant not only works for businesspeople, but is also entrepreneur self, therefore she/he knows on first hand the needs of the company to succeed and develop a thriving business.

One of the keys for being a successful entrepreneur and businessperson is the empathy for their clients. ¿Why is that? ¿What does empathy towards the customer mean?

According to Wikipedia, empathy is the ability to perceive a common context in which another individual may feel. That is, the ability to put oneself in another persons place.

For a virtual assistant who works at a distance and only communicates via the Internet, empathy is extremely important to capture the customer’s need immediately even if he/she is far away.
The VA is not there to see every gesture, but sometimes can only read the words in an email or can listen to the clients voice.

As a businessperson is important to develop the empathy ability to capture the immediate needs of the client, take the right decisions, knowing that it is just the decision the client would have taken in the interest and benefit of his own business.

Therefore the ability of the virtual assistant is a direct benefit to the employer , and even more if the virtual assistant has a costumer service the related job, with directly contact with the client’s clients.

Empathy is the key word both to develop trust and cooperation among the virtual assistant and her/his clients, and also among the employer with his customers.


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